When the machines don’t want to work!

Is it me or this happens to everyone out there?

When you get the urge to do something and your sewing machine don’t fully cooperates…or maybe it was just me for not reading the manual how you suppose to do!!!!!

I have to machines from Singer, one for general work and one to cut and sew. The one I had a problem today was with the cut and sew…just because I hadn’t read the manual XD. For those who get this…the problems is always with the tension!

In the end I still manage to correct the problem and made cute handkerchiefs!


Their size is 20×20 cm….and I love the patterns!

I made 24 of them…6 for each pattern. (everything done today…i catch a god wave today XD…wave of happy thoughts!)

Maybe I should start selling them…need to think about it.

Also I’ll use this post to show my working place…where all the nightmares happen!

Most of the time I use the sofa to gather ideas and draw…the havy part its in the working table.

Hope you enjoyed today post…

You can transform nightmares into sweet dreams…


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