When you notice the clock only has 24 hours!

So I’ve wanted to post something about what’s new and not about me right now…but unfortunately the clock only has 24 hours, and I still need do eat and sleep.

So let’s try to resume stuff…

  • I’ve left my job!

It was something necessary…i was going threw depression due to it and then a new opportunity arrive! Thank the lord!

  • I started a new work as a model scouter for a model agency!

So this part was fun! I will not mention the name of the agency for private reasons. So my job is to find new faces for the agency…trying to find the next big model in Portugal! It has been quite fun, from April till last week i have been around the country scouting possibly new models for the agency and also doing castings with my boss. Not so easy if I may say, because you may do like 8h per day and still didn’t manage to find the “ONE”. I will be doing this job till August and then we will see what journey will I take next.

  • I left some disciplines behind again…unfortunately i left the most important one that determines if I pass the year or not…

Next year I still be in the second year, but I need change in my life and I need to focus on me and my well being…so that’s the choice I made. I will finish my degree in due time…

I will try to post some works related to school maybe…this week…i can’t promise…

Hope you enjoyed today post…

You can transform nightmares into sweet dreams…


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